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Hine Ball Cognac Hine
  • Hine Ball Cognac Hine

Box Hine Ball Cognac Hine

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Find the H by Hine with 2 cocktail glasses!

Appellation Cognac Fine Champagne Contrôlée VSOP



Blended eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne grapes.

H by Hine is whimsical. If it were a young man, it would have the keen eye of Dick Diver in Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. Adventurous, lively and elegant, it is the ideal sidekick for daring cocktails and a flamboyant soloist when served neat with a dash of cold tonic.

Expressive yet discreet, its notes of iris, fresh apricot, acacia and white pepper chime with its sprightly and joyful demeanour. Feels like Coachella in a bottle.

H by Hine is a young cognac with a taste for adventure and originality. Serve frozen in a shot glass with sashimi. Or simply over ice with tonic, cider or ginger ale, garnished with a twist of lime, cucumber or rosemary.

Add as a surprising twist to a punch when too many friends show up with very little time, or simply drizzle over a fresh peach salad. 

There's only one rule: drink outside the box

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40 °
70 Cl
Fine Champagne