Francois Voyer

Cognac Fraçois Voyer : Excellence in the heart of Premier Cru of Cognac

François Voyer Cognacs: the Excellence of the Great Cognac Lands...

Cognac François Voyer

Hailed by the professional press as "among the best in Grande Champagne" [Planète XO, le magazine du cognac, April 1998], present on the greatest tables in France [Alain Ducasse, Lucas Carton, Laurent...], François Voyer Cognacs are above all a family story.

This is one of the aspects appreciated by Michel Gillet, the world's greatest Cognac collector, for whom François Voyer cognacs are "not necessarily among the best known, but certainly one of the very best".

The vineyard benefits from a fortunate location: 28 hectares in Grande Champagne, 1er Cru du Cognac, located in the communes of Verrières and Ambleville, in the south-western part of Grande Champagne (the most famous part of this cru due to the very special nature of its subsoil).

Type of soil: Champagne soil. Champagne soil is a clay-limestone soil, with a subsoil of soft limestone.

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