Prestigious Cognac

There are Cognacs that can be described as "Prestigious"....

Prestigious because of their age, their aromas, the incredible work of the years and the Cellar Master.

Prestige Cognacs are often the icons of the Brand or the House, kept like treasures in the most secret cellars and considered exceptional.

Whether these eaux-de-vie come from the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois or Bons Bois crus, they are the signature of the Brand or the House, and for that, they need to be showcased in a prestigious decanter, signed by the great names in glass or porcelain (Baccarat, Lalique, Saint-Louis, Bernardaud, etc), in collaboration with world-renowned designers, architects or artists.

And finally, these dream bottles are preciously placed in cases of leather, precious wood and noble materials.

And as excellence is rare, these Prestige Cognacs are offered in very limited quantities!

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