CIGAR lovers know it well.... Cognac is an excellent companion for cigars! But not just any Cognac because there can be incompatibilities between a cigar and a Cognac!

For example, a Cognac that is too young will not be able to accompany a Cuban cigar that it might neutralize. It is preferable to take a less rich cigar, such as the Dominican. Old Cognacs, from the Grande Champagne region for example, will resist very well to the strength of a Havana. But be careful, some old Cognacs are so subtle, their aromas so refined, that they should not be associated with a cigar that is too powerful so as not to lose their finesse.

To help you in your choice, some Cognac houses have developed blends that target cigar smokers in particular. These eaux-de-vie accompany and sublimate the cigar, without one or the other being "crushed"!

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