XXO or Extra Extra Old...

In 2017, the French HENNESSY, the world's leading Cognac producer, launched its Premium bottle with the name "XXO" primarily intended for the Asian market.

A few months later, the competition authorities requested that the sale of these bottles be stopped. Indeed, it was judged that HENNESSY could not use the name "XXO" because it did not correspond to any category referenced by the profession. The industry only recognizes the "XO" or Extra Old, a blend of eaux-de-vie of at least 10 years, the Napoleon (6 years), the VSOP (4 years) and the VS (2 years).

However, other spirits were using this name for lower quality brandies, trying to make it look like a premium brand.

To resolve the conflict, the Cognac industry has simply decided to create a new category, the XXO or Extra Extra Old, whose youngest spirit will be at least 14 years old. This new category can be used by all producers and not only by HENNESSY, thus avoiding distortions of competition.

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