Very Old + 50 Years

Officially, a cognac over 50 years old is an XO (Extra Old) but to facilitate your research, we have classified in this category all the exceptional cognacs whose average age is over 50 years! These eaux-de-vie have a HISTORY! Preserved by several generations, some of them escaped the horrors of the Second World War by being hidden deep in the cellars called "Paradise". They are the reflection of years of work on the precious beverage! It is a privilege to be able to savor them even today because they are very rare! Sometimes numbered, these bottles are very often Limited Edition. These cognacs are so precious that many of them are presented in prestigious cases; crystal decanter, wooden box, etc...

You will find smoothness, complexity in the aromas; sweet spices, subtle wood, leather, honey, candied fruits, cocoa and for some, tobacco box. Lots of depth! Each terroir will bring its character to this nectar... Sublime!

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