Organic Cognac

For a long time now, environmental and economic concerns have been pushing for the development of integrated vineyard management. Today, several winegrowers are certified Organic Agriculture; no chemicals, no GMOs, natural alternatives such as fertilising the soil with animal compost, treating vine diseases with sulphur or Bordeaux mixture and mechanical weeding.

Although the presence of certain insects has a negative effect on the health of the vine, organic farming encourages the development of an ecosystem and a rich biodiversity, with the ambition of creating balances to naturally regulate pest populations.

To attract these auxiliary species to the vine, agroecological methods such as the use of plant cover or the planting of hedgerows are proving effective. Excluding the use of pesticides also makes it possible to preserve insect, bird and mammal populations, which are in sharp decline in the countryside.

While organic vine growing will not affect the quality, aroma and excellence of your cognac, it will have a significant impact on our environment.

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