Peach liqueur with Cognac François Peyrot
  • Peach liqueur with Cognac François Peyrot

Peach liqueur with Cognac François Peyrot


A peach liqueur with Grande Champagne Cognac from producer François PEYROT



The history of Domaine Peyrot spans four generations. Logis des Bergeronnettes is located in Jarnac in the Grande Champagne region. Great-grandfather Jean Baptiste started out as a winegrower there in 1893. Grandparents Jean and Mathilde only began distilling Cognac in 1956. At the time, the vineyard covered 7 hectares and most of the distillate was sold to merchants in the region. In 1970, François and Gisèle, the third generation, took over the business. They began bottling under their own name for the first time. In the meantime, the estate had grown to 25 hectares. Meanwhile, the fourth generation (sons Patrick and Stéphane and daughter Nathalie) have also joined the business. The family favours quality over quantity.

The use of technology takes ecology and the environment into account. This is reflected in a method of crop management known as "reasoned cultivation". The use of pesticides and herbicides is rendered unnecessary, creating harmony between flora and fauna. Cognac is distilled entirely from ugni blanc grapes. This distillation takes place from December to the end of February, twice in the Charentais still. From 7,500 litres of wine, 600 litres of eau-de-vie are distilled to an alcohol content of 72% vol. Maturation takes place in Limousin oak barrels. Over the years, the alcohol content is reduced to 40% vol. using demineralised water. La Part des Anges accounts for 3 to 5%.

As with Peyrot's other liqueurs, fresh, ripe fruit stands out in the glass. It's made from peach extract and one-year-old Cognac. This peach liqueur is excellent drunk chilled as an aperitif and, of course, great for enhancing your Bellini cocktail.

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François Peyrot
24 °
75 Cl
Grande Champagne