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Auguste decanter Cognac DUPUY by DAUM
  • Auguste decanter Cognac DUPUY by DAUM
  • Auguste decanter Cognac DUPUY by DAUM

Auguste decanter Cognac DUPUY by DAUM

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The mouth-blown crystal Auguste decanter is the perfect setting for this splendid blend, with the oldest eaux-de-vie dating back to 1917 and the youngest to the 1940s. At the peak of its maturity, this Cognac, made throughout the 20th century, presents itself in all its power and aromatic intensity. Limited edition !



Born in Jarnac in 1825, Auguste Dupuy showed his attachment to the Cognac region from an early age, enjoying above all cycling along the harmonious hillsides of the Grande Champagne and Fins Bois vineyards, winding their way around the town of Jarnac, one of the bastions of the brandy trade. As soon as he had finished his studies in law and economics and returned from a long trip around the world, during which he was able to appreciate the prestige of the French art of living, he decided to set up his own trading house so that he could fulfil his dearest dream: to put his mark and his name on a bottle of Cognac, the noble spirit that Auguste had fallen in love with. Happiness never comes alone, and that same year he married Simone De Falquier, who gave him a son, Gaston. Gaston turned out to be a unique character, a dandy who liked to entertain in his château in Jarnac, but had little interest in the development of his father Auguste's business. Auguste decided to leave the business to his nephew Edmond, so that the Dupuy family could continue its work, while advising him to set aside the oldest eaux-de-vie, which today form the prestigious basis of the AUGUSTE blend, in a special cellar, the Auguste cellar.

The making of Cognac is a miraculous succession of skills developed over the centuries. The know-how of the winegrowers, who know how to use their art to counter or accompany the development of the seasons and the terroir in order to harvest the purest grapes possible, the expertise of the distillers, who use their double-press copper stills to concentrate the aromas of the wines to obtain the famous "bonne chauffe", the traditional know-how of the coopers who use their hands to create the century-old oak barrels used to age the Cognac, and finally the talent of the cellar master who, like a father looking after his children, allows the eaux-de-vie to evolve in the hushed shade of the ageing cellars for several decades to extract their quintessence. Floral, fruity and even spicy notes develop to create a bouquet of flavours and aromas that the cellar master knows how to marry to perfection.

Appearance : dark amber, the deep colour of Dupuy AUGUSTE invites meditation.

Nose : delicate woody fragrances, iris and jasmine typical of a Grande Champagne-type dominant, rancio reminiscent of a cigar box.

Palate : smooth and full-bodied, the range of flavours extends from candied fruit to peppery touches, the suspended time of an exceptional tasting.

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Maison DUPUY
40 °
70 Cl
Grande Champagne