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Saison Rum Reserve
  • Saison Rum Reserve
  • Saison Rum Reserve

Saison Rum Reserve

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Saison Rum Reserve

The 4 key steps defined by the cellar master, from the search for ideal terroirs to the final touches, naturally suggest the name of the rum : Saison



Rum Saison Reserve


ORIGINS : A meticulous selection is made of distillates from 3 distinct terroirs in the Caribbean Islands of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica.The intention of the Master Blender is to showcase the typicity of these terroirs in a perfect balance, thanks to the richness and intensity from the distillation of molasses in pot stills combined with the delicacy and lightness from the sugarcane distillation in columns.
AGING : The selected rums primarily age for up to 8 years in American white oak casks. This ageing takes place in their terroirs of origin, taking advantage of the heat and specific hygrometry of the Caribbean Islands which give a unique oxidation to the future rum, accelerating maturity and concentrating flavors.
FINISHING : The aged rums now voyage across the ocean to France to be finished, separately, for 12 months in more than 50 mature French oak barrels on the banks of the Charente River.Each barrel will confer their singular characteristics to the rum according to their age, size and which cognacs they previously contained.
BLENDING : Because of the barrel by barrel finishing process, the Cellar Master is able to draw from a complex and diverse aromatic palette of over 50 casks to create a harmonious blend. His methods result in a powerful, fruity and unctuous rum.The rum is then gradually reduced to 43.5%.No sugar is added.


Saison Reserve is a powerful, epicurean rum with a fruity and spicy alliance. Once aerated, we can nose a collection of aromas such as candied fruits, prunes, vanilla and lychee as well as spicy notes like ginger and mixed peppercorns.

On the palate it appears velvety yet fresh, with a well balanced and long, harmonious finish.

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