It is impossible to talk about PLANAT Cognac without mentioning this illustrious family which contributed to its creation and to the international influence of this brand.

ABEL PLANAT, former aide-de-camp of Napoleon, created in 1828 the Planat & Co. Trading Company and took advantage of the dynamism commercial cognac to become one of the biggest exporters.

OSCAR PLANAT, son of Abel took over in 1858 and developed the business, making the brand one of the top 3 in the world, alongside Hennessy and Martell. Oscar Planat also marked the history of his region by becoming, like his father, Deputy of Charente and Mayor of Cognac.

In 1889, Oscar’s sister Claire inherited the business and entrusted the management to her two sons-in-law.

When they died, it was Joseph Pionneau, the Cellar Master of the house PLANAT, trained by Oscar himself, who took over the reins of the society. He and his son will contribute to the sustainability of the brand until 1966, when the Maison Camus bought the buildings in the heart of Cognac as well as the brand.

Camus will contribute to PLANAT’s international development until 2018, when the brand is sold to the Cognac Planat & Co.

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Cognac Planat

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