Croix Maron

The CROIX MARON Cognacs are backed by a family estate established for generations.

Cognac de la Croix Maron

Since the origins of Cognac, the DAVIAUD family has been cultivating the vine and living off its know-how and passion.

These three elements have been passed down through 10 generations to the present day. Thanks to this continuity, which goes back to 1718, the DAVIAUD family has allowed each bottle of CROIX MARON Cognac to reveal an authenticity and typicity that have become rare today.

From the planting of the vine, to the first productions, to the long work of maturation and finishing, Cognac is worked on for more than one generation. Thus, it is not unusual for children and grandchildren to reap the fruits of what their elders have sown.

The work of yesterday is the strength of today.

The Cognacs of the Croix Maron are produced from a family vineyard of 40 hectares located 100% in Grande Champagne, Premier cru of the Cognac appellation.

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