Created in 1890, the Delpeuch-Joyeux house, located in Grande Champagne, creator of exceptional liqueurs

Cognac Delpeuch-Joyeux

It all began with the arrival of Auguste Delpeuch (1862-1924) in Charente in 1887.

Coming from Auvergne, this son of shopkeepers met Sarah Joyeux, daughter of a winegrower owner, with whom he married the following year in 1888 in the commune of Métairies.

An adventurer and entrepreneur, he created the distillery A. Delpeuch & Fils distillery, specialising in the brokerage of eaux-de-vie, and the Delpeuch-Joyeux Cognac House in 1890 in order to promote his work as a winegrower and distiller.

Daniel Delpeuch (1890-1965), Auguste's eldest son, continued the family business. Following his marriage to Madeleine Salonne, he moved to his father-in-law's property in Mainxe, which was to remain the headquarters of the Delpeuch-Joyeux company. On his return from the Great War, he enlarged the vineyard, built a distillery with a 5 hl still and developed the Delpeuch-Joyeux range with rums from Martinique and Jamaica as well as cognac-based liqueurs.

He also collaborates with his younger brother Paul, who has remained in Les Métairies to continue the A. Delpeuch & Fils brandy brokerage business.

Jean-Pierre Delpeuch (1930-present), Daniel's youngest son, took over from his father in 1955. He then preferred to devote himself to wine growing and distillation rather than to the trade, which he stopped developing over the years and whose activity was definitively stopped in 1965. He thus focused on developing the vineyard and selling eaux-de-vie to the major merchants in the area. He successively replaced the 5 hl still with larger ones: 15 hl in 1957 and 25 hl in 1971. A fine gourmet, he got into the habit of making cognac-based liqueurs for his personal consumption, his family and his circle of close friends.

Alain Delpeuch (1963-present), Jean-Pierre's youngest son, took over the business in 1985 and is still active, accompanied by his eldest son Louis. Following in his father's footsteps, he has devoted himself to developing the vineyard and producing high-quality eau-de-vie, which has won several awards from its partners. Louis Delpeuch, Alain's eldest son, also looks after the vineyard, distillation and ageing of the eaux-de-vie alongside his father.

2020 - Renaissance of the Delpeuch-Joyeux House and creation of the DELJOY liqueur

The family business is now in the hands of the 5th generation. Passionate about cognac and the world of liqueurs, Frédéric Delpeuch, Alain's youngest son, relaunches the House of Delpeuch-Joyeux after several decades of inactivity by creating Liqueur DELJOY, a liqueur based on Grande Champagne Cognac and citrus fruit. He thus pays tribute to his ancestors and his grandfather who introduced him to this delight of angels.

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