Patte Blanche

The fruit of a preserved nature and an authentic know-how!

Cognac Patte Blanche

Patte Blanche is an organic cognac distilled by hand and bottled at Chez Sabourin, a locality in Arthenac.

This organic cognac respects tradition and is the best that the earth has to offer, the fruit of a preserved nature and an authentic know-how.

In a desire to leave their mark on future generations, Pierre, grandson of the founder of the family distillery, and Arthur, from a family of winegrowers, decided to create their Patte Blanche organic cognac.

With the idea of revitalizing the image of cognac, the brand is developed around passion, youth and transparency. This range of cognac honors the organic dimension.

As the fable says, "showing Patte Blanche" is above all about being trustworthy and honest.

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