VSOP Cognac André Petit
  • VSOP Cognac André Petit

VSOP Cognac André Petit


VSOP Cognac André Petit

This Cognac comes from a blend of 6 and 10 year old Cognac and several vintages, Bons Bois, Fins Bois and Petite Champagne, aged in our cellars.

It is the result of work constantly oriented towards quality.

It was developed using ancestral distillation methods. We make our cuts by following the teachings of our ancestors.



Tasting notes :

Nose: A beautiful finesse where scents of roses mixed with vanilla develop.
There is also a hint of apricot peach.

Palate: Oak and vanilla dominate. But we also detect a hint of almond and dried flower
which comes from 10 year old Cognacs.

A fully matured Cognac, to be enjoyed at any time, as a long aperitif or as a digestive.

Data sheet

André Petit
40 °
70 Cl

Find out more about André Petit

In 1850, an individual by the name of Monsieur Goulard, who happens to be the grandfather of the current owner Jacques Petit, worked as a weaver. He lived and worked in the heart of the magnificent vineyards of the Cognac region. One day, Mr Goulard decided to build a cognac distillery, with the support of his cousin who was working at the Hennessy distillery at the time. After decades of upheaval, conflict and epidemics of phylloxera and mildew in the vineyards, production finally resumed and, in 1921, the distillery was renamed Petit.

The name 'Petit' actually originates from the marriage of Jacques Petit's grandmother to Albert Petit. For many years, the members of the Petit family mainly supplied their eau-de-vie to Hennessy. However, in 1965, Jacques' father, André Petit, who had also introduced the name "André Petit & Fils", took the bold step of terminating the existing contract with Hennessy. He had already been producing his own cognac and pineau de Charente for several years, believing that he could create his own high-quality product. From harvesting to distillation, ageing and bottling, André Petit cognac remains an independent distillery operating from the charming village of Berneuil in the Charente.

Jacques Petit continues to run the family business with a deep conviction in the uniqueness of each vintage. He is considered an innovator in the industry, as he does not conform to the standardised norms of cognac, ensuring that each bottle has a unique taste. He believes that each year has its own distinctive character (influenced by the weather and growing conditions) and recognises that some years outshine others. This is what makes Petit Cognac such a popular choice with connoisseurs, appreciated by those seeking a variety of nuances.

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