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Tre Kors Fine Cognac Bache Gabrielsen

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This blend combines the vigour of its young eaux-de-vie with the emerging maturity of a great Cognac.The history of the 'Tre Kors' appellation for our VS dates back to the period of Norwegian prohibition from 1916 to 1926, when the liqueur was only sold for medicinal purposes, and the young Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen ingeniously replaced the existing three stars* on the label with three crosses (in Norwegian: Tre Kors).



Tasting notes :

Nose: Aromas of Limousin oak vanilla, citrus and spice.

Palate: Fruity aromas and sweetness.



Data sheet

Bache Gabrielsen
40 °
70 Cl
Fine Champagne

Find out more about Bache Gabrielsen

Cognac Bache-Gabrielsen is a family-run Cognac house with a long history and an international presence. Founded in 1905, it recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, a testament to its durability and success in the Cognac industry.

The company stands out for its sleek design and its positioning in the Cognac market. Its main focus is exporting to Scandinavian countries, which is quite unique for a Cognac house. This approach has probably contributed to its success in Norway.

Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, a member of the fourth generation at the head of the company, is well aware of the changes taking place in the Cognac industry. With the growth of the international market and changing consumer preferences, it is important for Cognac houses to adapt. This includes adjusting their marketing strategies to attract a younger, more fashionable clientele.

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