Réserve Familiale Cognac Daniel Bouju
  • Réserve Familiale Cognac Daniel Bouju

Reserve Familiale Cognac Daniel Bouju


Naturally aged at 42 °,

This Cognac is not filtered.



A very old exceptional cognac, transmitted from generation to generation and distilled from wines of different grape varieties such as the Folle blanche, Colombard, Ugni-blanc, etc ...

On a natural level, this Grand Cognac has acquired after a very long aging process in oak barrels, this soft, sweet and velvety that only the most noble of the very old cognacs of Grande Champagne offer.

Creamy nose with hints of leather and tobacco perfumes. Surprising elegance and depth for such an old cognac.

Very long finish in the mouth, with spicy notes and especially this complex, fine and noble aroma of rancio.

Data sheet

Daniel Bouju
42 °
70 Cl
Grande Champagne