XO "The Golden Age of Cognac" De Charville Frères
  • XO "The Golden Age of Cognac" De Charville Frères

XO "The Golden Age of Cognac" De Charville Frères


The Extra Old (XO) is a blend of Cognacs of different ages, the youngest of which has spent at least 15 years in oak barrels.

Its spicy aromatic power, its graceful and rich rancio will deliver you the pure pleasure worthy of the best Cognacs



This Cognac comes from the Grande Champagne, the first growth of Cognac. This singular terroir, a guarantee of quality, is sublimated by our Single Estate production (from a single wine grower).

It is a subtle balance that makes it exclusive and authentic.

A bright red-brown colour with golden highlights

On the nose, there is great aromatic power with aromas of leather and spices such as curry, clove, nutmeg and coffee. Nice notes of candied fruits.

On the palate it is round and supple, delivering an elegant and graceful rancio. Its remarkable aftertaste is rich in vanilla and toasted notes.

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Data sheet

De Charville Frères
40 °
70 Cl
Grande Champagne