1970 Petite Champagne Cognac Grosperrin
  • 1970 Petite Champagne Cognac Grosperrin

1970 Petite Champagne Cognac Grosperrin


A beautiful cognac, a little atypical!

Like the 1973, this vintage cognac comes from a family of notaries established in Cognac for several generations. This Petite Champagne 1970 was part of the estate of the father, who had bequeathed his stocks to his wife and son, a notary like him.

The precise terroir of this cognac is not known, except that the wines come from the vicinity of Chateauneuf-sur-Charente, a beautiful terroir of the Petite Champagne, and that they were distilled by a small distillery founded in 1958 and which still exists today.

It is a cognac that has spent more than 50 years in oak barrels, 40 of which were spent in "chais de campagne" rented by Oreco, and the last eleven years in our cellars. It was slightly reduced many years ago.



Very amber colour.

The roasted character of this cognac is immediately apparent on the nose. The pronounced rancios are one of the hallmarks of the 1970 vintage, and can be found in many cognacs from this harvest year. For this reason, this vintage was often used in blends in the 1990's and 2000's, in order to "give age" to more recent and less complex cognacs. They have become rare today. Notes of undergrowth, of old cognacs. More lively and fresh notes in the second nose, such as hawthorn, dried roses, white flowers, chestnut honey.

In the mouth, the attack is frank, perfumed, the aromas are powerful, there are slightly musky notes.

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Petite Champagne