Grosperrin Cognacs share an original and unique history with the Cognac region.

Cognac Grosperrin

Jean Grosperrin moved to Cognac in 1992, where he became a country broker. Because of his job, Jean travels to the most remote parts of the appellation, meeting small wineries in search of the rarest lots.

In 1999, fed up with seeing exceptional batches being blended in giant blends, Jean bought a few barrels of old cognacs, which the family bottled in the traditional way. For the first time in Cognac, the history of each of these batches is told, and their age is specified; the History of Grosperrin Cognacs begins!

In 2004, Guilhem Grosperrin took over the company created by his father, who had retired. Passionate, he made his motto his own: "to bear witness to the Charente's heritage without artifice". He builds up stocks and enriches the cellars with exceptional cognacs from inheritances and confidential successions.

In the cellars of COGNACS GROSPERRIN, each batch is a living testimony to a terroir, a family history, through the snapshot of a carefully selected and aged vintage.

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