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Master Blend 100's
  • Master Blend 100's

Master Blend 100's Cognac Tesseron

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Collection Privée Master Blend 100's - 1er cru de Cognac



Master Blend 100's is the name given to a highly prized collection of Tesseron cognacs, created by the company's founder, Abel Tesseron at the end of the 19th century.

These rare cognacs have been carefully treasured by Abel Tesseron and bottled by the third generation, Alfred Tesseron.

Within the ancestral Tesseron reserve, there is a unique collection of heavy glass demijohns, which house a living company archive - a testimonial to Abel Tesseron.

Master Blend 100's is a selection from the 100 best Grande Champagne blend of the Tesseron reserve coming from 4 demijohns.

Only 143 bottles of MB 100’s are available for the world.

The splendid, heavy glass flagons, carefully sealed to avoid any evaporation, continue to preserve the ancient, matchless cognacs contained within. They are a real and rare treasure, having attained optimal maturity.

A visit to the Paradis 's cellars is a moving experience. It is as if visiting a bygone era. These magnificent vessels, with their rare and priceless contents are from another century, their labels hardly legible.

Priceless, these cognacs are only used in exceptional occasions.

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40 °
70 Cl
Grande Champagne