A beautiful family story!

Cognac Tesseron

A unique collection of the finest cognacs.

The origins of this treasure go back to the 19th century, when Abel Tesseron acquired this property and started collecting rare and prestigious cognacs. A tradition perpetuated by his son and grandson Alfred, who now runs the company and also owns the prestigious Château Pontet-Canet, a Pauillac growth classified in 1855.

It was in 1905 that Abel Tesseron created his own cognac company, straddling two separate estates, one located in the Grande Champagne region (Boneuil) and the other in Petite Champagne (Saint-Surin). At the time, he was collecting reserves of eau de vie, which he carefully preserved in a 12th century crypt. In addition to forging a solid reputation among a small circle of connoisseurs, these priceless treasures became highly prized by the great cognac merchants, who used these quality eaux de vie to complete their blends.

Today, thanks to a continuous and ever increasing demand, the company is selling more and more of its cognacs under the Tesseron name. Tesseron cognacs have the particularity of being called "lot", a term rarely used in Charente. As Alfred Tesseron explains, "These lots are, in fact, blends of our best reserves."

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