Cognacs from the Fins Bois terroir

Cognac Vaudon

It all began in 1771, when François Gaborit bequeathed his estate and vineyards in Mérignac (Charente) to his son-in-law, Pierre Nalbert. For generations, the estate has grown and evolved, from marriage to marriage.

Today, Anne-Marie Vaudon and Pierre Vaudon are the guardians of this history and know-how.

Vaudon Cognac is concentrated on a single "cru" of cognac: Fins Bois, the greatest cru of the region. It is supported by a hard limestone clay soil (silicified) of groie type. It brings the amount and the sweetness to our cognacs.

This cru is known to age quickly and develops spicy and liquorice notes very early.

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