Marquis de La Fayette

The Cognac of the H. MOUNIER, exclusive blends

Cognac Marquis de La Fayette

The Cellar Master of the Marquis de La Fayette Cognacs is none other than Michaël Bouilly, grandson and son of local wine growers.

At H. Mounier, he has at his disposal an incomparable palette of eaux-de-vie that wait in thousands and thousands of barrels. "The first time I went into the cellars, I was amazed," he recalls. 1856, 1876, 1904, 1914: each vintage reveals a different face.

The word standardisation is excluded from his vocabulary. What counts is creating. "We are always discovering, improving. It's a great job because there are no limits.

With the help of Mickaël, H. Mounier composes exclusive custom-made cognacs. These secretly elaborated blends sometimes require several months of work and tasting.

But this is the price of exception.

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