Alfred Giraud

Complex, rich whisky that is greater than the sum of its parts

Alfred GIRAUD - French Malt Whisky

The Giraud family has been contributing to the production of exceptional spirits for nearly a century.

Alfred GIRAUD French Malt whisky brings together the family’s mastery of spirits and the best French malts to create elegant and complex blends that are bold yet remarkably refined. Balancing nature and human creativity, the master blenders challenge the boundaries of French style and whisky traditions. 

Alfred GIRAUD is creating the whisky of the future whilst maintaining a deep connection to their past, with a particular focus on quality and innovation.

Alfred GIRAUD French Malt Whisky is :

-100% independent and family-owned

- A small-batch producer of French malt whiskies aged in rare casks

- Blended by the acclaimed cellar master Georges Clot and his protege Gaetan Mariolle

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