G et C Raby

For five generations, the Raby family has owned its vineyard in Segonzac in the heart of the Grande Champagne region.

Cognac G & C Raby

Located at the logis de la Brée in Segonzac in the Charente (16), the former home of the Chevalier de la Croix Maron, inventor of double distillation in Charente.

The old cellar is a building that was an outbuilding of the logis de la Brée, the home of the Chevalier, whose real name was Maron Seigneur de la Croix.

He left the army and retired to the house around 1610 to devote himself to the distillation of wines.

According to legend, the Charentais knight, who was very pious and a bit of a poet, had a nightmare during which he saw the devil boiling him to extract his soul. His faith was so deep that his soul resisted the first boiling, the devil would have threatened the knight "I will boil you a second time, and I will have your soul". When he woke up, our knight had the idea of proceeding to a second distillation, the "bonne chauffe", in order to extract the "soul" of the brandy. This technique gave birth to the eau de vie that is still used today to make Cognac.

It is in this prestigious place that the Raby family has been making cognac for five generations.

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