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Cognac Moisans

The estate covers 60 hectares, 30 of which are in Fins Bois. This region of the AOC cognac is known for the finesse of the eaux-de-vie it produces and for the delicacy and suppleness of the cognacs grown there.

The dominant grape variety is the "Ugni blanc", a late grape variety which is harvested at the end of the summer. It gives a pale yellow and dry wine of extreme delicacy.

In our ageing cellars, buried in the middle of the earth or built into the hillside, more than 1300 barrels of 350 litres and about fifty barrels of 350 to 520 hectolitres made of Limousin oak, contain our precious eaux-de-vie.

Our Cellar Master, Christophe Gauville, plays with the distillation method, the maturation methods, the blending of several eaux-de-vie and achieves a harmonious composition which will become the identity, the signature and the flagship of our brand COGNAC MOISANS.

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