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La Spiritueuse

La Spiritueuse was born from a friendship, that of Céline and Vincent, two lovers of "beautiful things" and passionate about the world of spirits.

Independent, art lovers and attentive to everything that surrounds them, they wanted to develop a part of their sensibilities and their passions under a new angle. Explorers at heart, they wanted to live an original adventure, that of a perfumed journey.... Cognac, the genesis of our journey...

La Spiritueuse brings together two arts: perfume and cognac. Both share so many common sensorialities: aromatic palette, power, depth, evocative power... It is after more than two years of experimentation that these perfumed journeys come to life... Inspired by the aromatic subtleties of a selection of Cognac eaux-de-vie, La Spiritueuse candles transcribe their spirituous essences without their alcoholic base.

A journey to Cognac is born!

La Spiritueuse scented candles are handcrafted to preserve all their qualities. Each ingredient of these perfumes is carefully selected according to strict specifications. While guaranteeing a very good restitution of the scents, the candles La Spiritueuse are worked without any CMR substance (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic), without paraben, without sulphate, without phtalate or even without coloring.

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