A. De Fussigny

To awaken the senses, to know how to give them back, A. De Fussigny is committed to the craftsmen, the land and the cultures in order to create eaux-de-vie of excellence.

Cognac A. De Fussigny

A. De Fussigny is the synergy "à la Française" between heritage and audacity... carefully selected barrels, a unique location on the banks of the Charente for an unparalleled hygrometry, the choice of local eaux-de-vie with a strong personality to which we have added research, design and true originality.

An osmosis of yesterday and today which has only one goal, to delight the taste buds of the amateurs.

200 years of history... Trained by the greatest, our Cellar Master perpetuates an ancestral knowledge. With a long international experience, our Master Blender deploys style and character to be the conductor of the amber symphonies that are the A. de Fussigny cognacs.

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