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XO Fine Champagne Cognac A. De Fussigny
  • XO Fine Champagne Cognac A. De Fussigny

XO Fine Champagne Cognac A. De Fussigny

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XO 100% Fine Champagne is a blend of Petite and Grande Champagne eaux de vie including at least 50% Grande Champagne.

The most fruity and delicate expression of A. de Fussigny cognacs. De Fussigny cognacs...

This XO is a blend of eaux-de-vie between 10 and 25 years of age, with winter aromas, a wonderful example of the complexity that a blend of this age can reach.

Ideal with dessert, fabulous with a cigar.



Tasting Notes:

The color: Golden amber with copper and mahogany hues.

Nose: A subtle nose, fruity, floral and woody at the same time with some dominant notes of candied citrus and black cherry. Then, the typical aromas of cellar, of oak wood appear. Fine notes of candied fruits (orange, pear, plum and cherry) and melted caramel blend wonderfully with those of licorice and oak. Finally, notes of black tea, tobacco and cigar box come through subtly.

In the mouth: Silky and denser structure, nice balance. Quite close in the mouth to its bouquet. Black cherry and orange jam notes melt beautifully with vanilla and melted caramel to finally give way to melted oak, toasted almonds and spices.

The finish is long with notes of spicy vanilla, melted caramel and leather.

Associations : A. de Fussigny's XO is best enjoyed on its own or with a drop of water for special occasions. It will accompany any chocolate or caramelized dessert such as crème brulée as well as any cigar.


Data sheet

A. De Fussigny
40 °
70 Cl
Fine Champagne

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A de Fussigny Cognac is a prestigious cognac house located in the historic centre of Cognac, France. Founded in 1814, it has a long history and a reputation for excellence in cognac production. The location of the company's cellar, close to the River Charente, offers ideal conditions for ageing cognac due to the ambient humidity.

The A de Fussigny Cognac brand stands out for its fusion of tradition and innovation. It strives to combine traditional know-how with modern techniques to create top-quality cognacs. The company offers a varied range of cognacs from different terroirs, but focuses particularly on distilling eaux-de-vie from the Fine Champagne region, which includes the Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne terroirs. These regions are renowned for their rich soils, which contribute to the creation of high-quality cognacs with a distinct aromatic profile.

As such, A de Fussigny Cognac is committed to producing first-class cognacs by building on the heritage of the Cognac region, while adopting modern practices to create luxury products that combine tradition and innovation.

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