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Cognac Oracle

After chasing career preconceptions, founder Frederic Barge decided to pursue his dreams and give his life meaning. dreams and give meaning to his life. He felt the need to go back to basics and to devote himself to his passion for the elegance and complexity of cognac.

The Oracle Spirits brand was created with the objective of crafting products that reflect all the richness and grandeur of of an exceptional terroir. To achieve this goal, we have surrounded ourselves with the best and finest connoisseurs to create uncompromising cognacs that are as authentic as they are refined.

The story of MTE Vins and its brand Oracle Spirits is above all a story of passionate people who have decided to create exceptional products. In the total respect of the local soil and the traditional wine making techniques, after a double distillation distillation and many years of natural aging in oak barrels, this excellent quality Cognac is finally ready to be is finally ready to be tasted.

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