Le Réviseur

Cognac Le Réviseur, from the famous Petite Champagne vintage...

Cognac Le Réviseur

All Le Réviseur eaux de vies, from the famous Petite Champagne vineyard, come from an estate that has been cherished from generation to generation.

The Le Réviseur brand, particularly present in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, is appreciated for its refinement and elegance.

Le Réviseur Cognac expresses the attributes that have made the vineyard where it comes from famous, the Petite Champagne: intensity, body and aromatic richness.

The Domaine Réviseur covers more than 90 hectares in the heart of the Petite Champagne. The particularly favorable orientation of its vineyards, East-West, produces very aromatic wines.

The distillation in very small stills (1600 liters) associated with an ageing in dry cellars gives birth to powerful Cognacs reflecting the real potential of this soil recognized as a concentrate of aromas.

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