Gourry de Chadeville

The Cognac GOURRY DE CHADEVILLE, Grande Fine Champagne, Premier Cru de Cognac

Since 1619, the Gourry de Chadeville family, owners of the Chadeville property, cultivates its vineyard at Segonzac. To the best of our knowledge, no other Cognac House can claim to have earlier origins, combining the practice of distilling Premier Cru Cognac with the consistency of the domain name. Since 1619 this domain has resisted the passing of time and is located in the heart of the most prestigious region of Cognac (Premier Cru). It produces “GRANDE FINE CHAMPAGNE” appreciated by the experts all over the World. Ageing slowly over the years, our cognacs absorb the tannins from the wooden casks, which give their beautiful golden color.

The Cognac GOURRY DE CHADEVILLE, Grande Fine Champagne, Premier Cru de Cognac must be tasted slowly in a cognac glass, warmed up in the palm of the hand. The subtle bouquet escapes. The perfume and aroma will delight the palate and the nose. Our Cognacs are the product of an exclusive blend of Cognacs Grande Fine Champagne, having aged several years in oak casks.

In Segonzac, in the heart of the Grande Champagne region, the GOURRY de CHADEVILLE family has been cultivating its vines and distilling "Cognac" for almost four centuries.

Cognac Gourry De Chadeville

A house which, since 1619, and after 15 successive generations, has stood the test of time, in the heart of the 1er Cru of Cognac, producing a "GRANDE CHAMPAGNE" appreciated by connoisseurs throughout the world.

All our cognacs come exclusively from blends of Grande Champagne Cognac, aged for many years in oak barrels on the estate.

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