Owner-harvester in Petite Champagne, the ESTEVE family exploits 45 hectares.

Cognac Famille Estève

The small river Le Né which crosses it, one of the main tributaries of the Charente, serves both as a natural border to the department of Charente and as a separation between two crus, the most prestigious ones, that of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. This proximity produces very fine eaux-de-vie, the most sought after for aging, with floral notes and often hints of pear and green apple, very long in the mouth.

Since the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900, during which the gold medal was awarded to great-grandfather Adrien, all generations have endeavored to maintain this level of excellence.

Thus, we want to keep all the steps of the Cognac and Pineau production on the property, from the cultivation of the grapes to the tasting glass.

After the harvest, the grapes are pressed and vinified using traditional methods. The wines obtained are distilled in our two Charentais stills according to the ancestral process of double distillation.

Only the "heart of the toast" is kept and must age for many years in Limousin oak barrels in the quiet of our cellars to become rounded and full-bodied, until the delicate moment of blending when we "marry" eaux-de-vie with complementary characteristics to obtain an elegant, balanced Cognac with a complex and refined bouquet.

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