Farming in the heart of the smallest cru of the Cognac appellation, the Borderies

Cognac Jacques Ordonneau

The Borderies are located to the north east of the town of Cognac. This cru is very prestigious because of its very specific and rare aromas. It is the smallest cru of the appellation.

Jacques Ordonneau cognac... a family of enthusiasts! In 1915, Samuel Ordonneau bought the Domaine de la Grolette. At the time, the property was a hunting reserve, consisting mainly of forests and a few vines. In 1929, Samuel Ordonneau passed away; his son Jacques moved to the estate and decided to take his farm manager's exams. He always thought that this estate was a real opportunity. Over the years, he never stopped planting vines and developing the estate.

Joined by Gérard, one of his 4 sons, in 1966, Jacques died suddenly in 1979. His children then created a SCEA to continue the work of their father and grandfather.

Today, the estate has 26 hectares of vines. The production is more controlled in environmental terms, and the distillation has been modernised, while respecting traditions.

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