A Cognac inspired by passion, from the Grande Champagne terroir

Cognac Sylvelune

Marianne Soupé offers a story where you have to take your time to discover the family passion that inspires this daughter of three generations of cellar masters.

Through the magical name of Sylvelune, which brings together the notion of nature (sylvan) and time (moon), dive into the heart of the Grande Champagne terroir.

Her approach is particular because she considers cognac as a fragrance. The result is a very refined and subtle nose which is reflected in the finesse of the palate.

The bottle reflects the image of these cognacs, all in finesse with hand-made finishes that remind us that Cognac is above all a work of art where the superb is close at hand.

But one must have the talent and the nose to integrate it. This is the case for Sylvelune.

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