The Dobbé family property houses a vineyard, a distillery and a cellar where a large stock of exceptional cognacs is aged

Cognac Dobbé

It all began around 1787, when the family's ancestors acquired a few acres of vines. Then, with patience, harvest after harvest, each vineyard gave birth to its first cognacs. Eight generations of passionate wine growers and distillers have succeeded one another on these demanding lands, passing on from father to son and mother to daughter an authentic know-how to produce prestigious eaux de vie.

The DOBBÉ House is recognized for its strong values and guided by generations of lovers of the land. Michel Dobbé and his wife, a descendant of the founder, have combined tradition and modernity to create the charm and quality of DOBBÉ cognacs. Today, the new generation continues the family legacy.

The Dobbé family has been making exceptional cognacs for eight generations in Salignac-sur-Charente, a small village near Cognac in France. The family's vineyard is mainly located in the Petite Champagne area, one of the greatest vineyards in the Charente.

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