Reserve Artist Collection N°3 - Edition limitée Cognac ABK6
  • Reserve Artist Collection N°3 - Edition limitée Cognac ABK6

Reserve Artist Collection N°3 - Limited Cognac ABK6

Bottles numbered from 1 to 10000 !

In the ageing cellars of the estate, the works of the local artist Sylvain Piget are exhibited, surrounded by the oak barrels containing the very precious cognacs.

These paintings live and evolve thanks to the angels' share and allow our cognacs to age harmoniously.

Elegance and complexity !

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Tasting notes :

Nose : Nice fruity balance from fresh fruits to candied fruits. Nice woody and vanilla notes with a spicy finish.

Palate : Supple and generous, the perfect balance between roundness and structure. Beautiful aromatic persistence, vanilla and woody.

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40 °
70 Cl

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This Cognac is presented in a unique decanter, topped with a natural beechwood stopper. The label and gift box echo the bright, harmonious colours of the artist's canvas!

This cognac is a testament to the elegance and complexity that long ageing brings to cognac!

A brilliant, luminous amber colour

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