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XXO ABECASSIS Grande Champagne Cognac ABK6
  • XXO ABECASSIS Grande Champagne Cognac ABK6

XXO ABECASSIS Grande Champagne Cognac ABK6

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A new range of ABK6 Cognacs: ABECASSIS Grande Champagne!

Produced exclusively on their exceptional vineyards, located in the prestigious Grande Champagne region, this range has been developed with a single obsession: to achieve the perfection of the "Single Estate", where strength and subtlety are combined in this precious bottle.

An ode to the history of a land that nurtures its guardian angels.

This range honours the work of nature, the journey from earth to heaven that eaux-de-vie make during their ageing process, symbolised by the angels' wings, subtly drawn on our bottles.

This XXO Grande Champagne has been aged in new barrels for 6 to 8 months, then in red and old barrels for several years.



Tasting notes :

An old gold colour, with mahogany highlights, endowed with a beautiful brilliance.

Nose : This cognac is very delicate, fine and powerful. It seduces with its freshness and great complexity. The Grande Champagne grape variety is brought to the fore with elegant woody and vanilla notes that are subtle and mellow.

Palate: Dried fruit mingles with the fragrance of dried flowers, jasmine and spring flowers. The palate evolves towards cedar wood, a nectar with balsamic accents, pine and sandalwood.

A long finish of candied ginger and nutmeg accompanies the bewitching note of the cigar box.

Data sheet

42 °
70 Cl
Grande Champagne

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ABÉCASSIS XXO Grande Champagne Cognac appears to be a high-quality product, characterised by prolonged ageing and exceptional complexity.
The eaux-de-vie used for this cognac are aged for a minimum of 14 years, but some have spent even longer maturing in oak casks. Extended ageing allows the cognac to develop complex, nuanced aromas and flavours.
In summary, ABÉCASSIS XXO Grande Champagne Cognac appears to be a cognac of exceptional quality, significantly aged, with a complexity that makes it a remarkable tasting experience. It is aimed at cognac connoisseurs looking for a top-of-the-range product offering depth and richness of flavour.

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