XO Family Reserve Cognac ABK6
  • XO Family Reserve Cognac ABK6

XO Family Reserve Cognac ABK6


The nose displays aromatic richness with dried fruit and nuts and the liquorice aromas typical of well mature Cognacs. It develops towards the spice and characteristic fruit pastry notes which are our signature...



Tasting notes:

Nose: Notes of liquorice, spices, orange peel and dried figs.

Palate: A combination of hazelnut, walnut, cedar wood and candied fruit.

This XO has great length.


Data sheet

40 °
70 Cl
Fins Bois

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The ABK6 XO Family Reserve Cognac seems to be an exceptional expression of the ABK6 range, with characteristics that make it particularly interesting for Cognac lovers.

ABK6 XO Family Reserve is aged for over ten years, giving it a depth of flavour and rich aromatic notes. Extended maturation is often associated with a Cognac of great quality and complexity.

Unique terroir: The Cognac is produced on the Chez Maillard estate, which sits on an exceptional chalky hillside in the middle of the family's vineyards. Terroir can have a significant influence on the character and taste of Cognac.

The fact that this Cognac has won numerous awards underlines its quality and its appeal to Cognac lovers around the world.

ABK6 XO Family Reserve appears to be a luxurious and refined option for those seeking an exceptional Cognac with a family history and meticulous attention to detail in its making. Its freshly baked pastry aromas and rich notes make it an ideal choice for contemplative and memorable tasting.

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