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Vintage 1988 Fins Bois Cognac Bache Gabrielsen
  • Vintage 1988 Fins Bois Cognac Bache Gabrielsen

Vintage 1988 Fins Bois (37 Years) - Cognac Bache Gabrielsen

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Limited Edition !

In 1988, the month of August of that year was extremely painful for the cognac vineyards, as well as for modern art lovers and car addicts. Because Jean-Michel Basquiat and Enzo Ferrari died that month and it only rained 7.8 mm in the Cognac region.

Difficult conditions but promising for a quality vintage from the Fins Bois terroir, as the vines dug deep into the soil to find the nutrients and minerals needed to get through this dry period. Our Cellar Master has been carefully storing it in demijohns since 2013.

Aging : 24 years in Limousin oak casks + 9 years in lady-johns

Single Cask : n°BN-81

Village : Brie-sous-Matha

Bottling date : May 2022



Tasting notes :

Characteristics: Natural color

In the nose, Madagascar vanilla, nougat, a side of leather patina

In the mouth, currant and lime blossom

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Bache Gabrielsen
70 Cl
Fins Bois