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XO contemporary Art 2 Cognac Braastad

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XO Superior Braastad : the result is a cognac that is very rich and powerful, yet harmonic and balanced.



This splending cognac is Master Blender Richard Braastad's special selection. To create an especially complex blend, Richard has handpicked very old cognacs for four of the six regions. The result is a cognac that is very rich and powerful, yet harmonic and balanced.

The XO Superior first entered the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London 2007, and Master Blender Richard Braastad was proud to receive the silver medal

"Snøhetta, in collaboration with Norwegian musician and artist, Magne Furuholmen, designed the latest Braastad XO Contemporary cognac bottle and packaging. This limited edition piece employs a design and color scheme rarely associated with this type of beverage. The duo aims to create a contemporary expression that strengthens the Braastad brand."


Braastad XO Contemporary challenges artists to create a visual expression of what inspires them from the world for Cognac. The craftsmanship and heritage of the Norwegian Braastad family in the historic business of Cognac production inspired Furuholmen’s art piece. Based on two limited edition prints made especially for this project, the letters used in the design make up the words “XO” and “Contemporary”. Snøhetta’s graphic designers worked with Furuholmen’s prints to re-imagine both the bottle and box into a playful and unique design, bringing a new expression to a traditional beverage.


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