COGNAC WOMEN - Moving into the light
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COGNAC WOMEN - Moving into the light

Most of these cognac women have traveled the world. Some have earned multiple university degrees. At the final, they have chosen to return to the Charentes wine-growing region in their family domain. Discover 28 fascinating stories of their careers and all the cognac
industry roles: beginning at the vine all the way to the bottle, from the distillery to the cooperage.

A rendez-vous with talent and passion!




Since ancient times, rural life has never given gifts to women. We didn't see them, we didn't talk about them. And yet, they were there, performing social and agricultural tasks on a daily basis. Legislation began to evolve in the 1960s and advances continue today, in the twenty-first century.

Throughout this evolution, women have decided to take their destiny into their own hands. Young or old, the women of cognac are the most striking image. In 2022, they can be found in all cognac-related activities: farm managers, business leaders, winegrowers, distillers, cellar masters, wine and brandy brokers, coopers. They have been almost around the world. Often multi-graduates, all have returned to the vineyards of the Charentes.

Unvarnished, they tell their story.

Lights of the economic life of a region, ambassadors of charm, although all different, they are at once all and one. They are THE woman of today and tomorrow, promise of the future!