Jean Fillioux

Since 1880, at Jean Fillioux, Cognac is not only a product, but a philosophy, an Art.

Cognac Jean Fillioux

The House of JEAN FILLIOUX has an extraordinary family history, which began in 1894 at the Domaine de La Pouyade.

Not only a family of Cellar Masters (for several generations "Un Fillioux" has been Cellar Master of the House of Hennessy) but also of travelers. Since the 1930's, generation after generation, the Fillioux have traveled the world.

Committed to designing high quality Grande Champagne cognacs, Jean Fillioux cognacs are dedicated to creating very complex cognacs, delicate in the mouth, with long and delicious finishes.

A rather confidential production, for complex but not inaccessible cognacs.

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