Très Vieille Petite Champagne "Confluences" cognac pasquet
  • Très Vieille Petite Champagne "Confluences" cognac pasquet

Très Vieille Petite Champagne "Confluences" cognac pasquet

At the confluence of gourmandise, elegance and venerability: this Très Vieille Petite Champagne.

Paul, Pierre, André... Three first names, three expressions and three stories of Petite Champagne brought together here.

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Old gold with amber highlights

Instantly tangy with exotic fruit, especially banana compote.

Clever notes of mango and flambéed bananas. A pastry and fruity delicacy that is reminiscent of a famous sugarcane spirit.

But let's stay at the confluence of the grape and the Charente limestone. Very heavy empyreumatic notes, this is undoubtedly a strong coffee blend. A hint of sweetness on the very ripe white melon too. One perceives all the nobility of the eaux-de-vie implemented with the scent of noble wood that permeates this nose.

Well, it is undoubtedly rancioté.

Unctuous and acidic texture. The creaminess of a whole milk yoghurt, the exoticism of a roasted pineapple. Still a nice bitterness on the ristretto, the tight coffee. A delicious juice.

The length stretches out on a very wet rancio, somewhere between Bordeaux cepe and soggy undergrowth. The cocoa closes the palate, which never fails to surprise you.

With a little more air, we find a very heady cognac, notably marked by orange blossom. Still the banana compote.

The palate picks up the acidity perceived beforehand with clever notes of watermelon and plantain, with sometimes a hint of confectionery. The fruitiness persists and signs on the Melba peach. A few bursts of dry, dusty walnuts, the kind stored in old wooded roofs, the kind that garnish salads at family celebrations.

Silky finish on almond milk, nougat and elderflower.

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Petite Champagne