Cognac Pasquet - Wine Grower since 1730 in the first Cru Grande Champagne

«The property has been in the family since 1730, passed down directly or inderectly. That is how, in 1971, Jean-Luc came to inherit the domain from his uncle, the Uncle Albert who gave his name to the oldest of our Cognacs. Today, it is Jean-Luc's turn to transmit the family heritage and his own precious knowledge to his son, Jean.»

In 1977, Jean-Luc Pasquet decided to create his own name brand and began bottling his Cognac to be sold. With the contents of his own barrels and those inherited from his uncle, he was able to create a family of Cognacs aged from an average of four years up to the very old, extremely rare « Oncle Albert», aged an average of 80 years(no longer in stock). These Cognac's exceptional expression of the «Terroir», a notion embodying geology and climate, of the Grande Champagne region in all its splendor attracted interest, Gert V. Packsensky, a German gourmet journalist (Le Grand Livre du Cognac Solar 1987) and Mac A. Andrew, an American Cognac specialist ( Cognac, Lusina Publishing Compagny 1999) both wrote about Domaine Pasquet, further promoting its reputation.

Jean-Luc and his wife, Marie-Fancoise, worked their grapevines conventionally for 22 years until some of the vines began to show signs of poor health. It just so happened that during that same year, 1994, they learned about and were attracted by the precepts of organic agriculture. Convinced by a year of trials, they began using organic practices troughtout the vineyard the next year and in 1998 were granted the «Agriculture Biologique» French orgnaic label.

Five years later, their first all-organic Cognac, l'Organic VS «Terroir», came out and just two years later, the l'Organic VSOP followed suit. In the early part of the 2000's, with the new way of cultivating the vines came novel ideas for before-dinner and dessert drinks: the Raisignac and the Marie-Framboise.

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