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Le Cognac d'Eraville "confluences" Cognac Pasquet

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A fiery Grande Champagne! Limited Edition...

At the confluence of insolence and candied citrus fruit



Ochre colour with reddish tints

The attack is on a frank citrus fruit, oscillating between orange zest and freshly squeezed lime. Tangerine and candied orange reinforce this first approach.

Skilful toasted aromas emerge as we go along. It is as if one could smell a bar of bitter chocolate riddled with candied orange.

Then a powerful rancio blows away this heady introduction. Wet oak, freshly varnished wood and a very animal musk. We find the initial perfume with beautiful oscillations between orange liqueur and bourbon vanilla.

A nice roundness on the yellow fruit. Nectarine, vine peach, apricot, all flavours delicately enhanced by a hint of bitterness on the candied lemon. Thick flavours of currants come to the palate. Roasted pear. Vine peach in syrup with a hint of acidity.

Salivating finish of maraschino cherry.

The air adds an extra soul to this "young" Grande Champagne. The nose now carries more rancio, sometimes on fresh leather, sometimes on roasted chestnut.

This juice has something heady about it, evoking certain fruit liqueurs, notably those of prune and cherry. The previously perceived citrus comes back, more precisely on the blood orange now. Pear in syrup, white pepper. A breath of very dry tobacco. Bitter chocolate for a tasty bis repetita.

Malt lovers will perhaps detect some nuances of a sherry cask.

The return to the palate is round with a hint of acidity. A fruity taste of raspberry and blackberry. The peach in syrup, still in the same way.

Finally, a minty finish, like an echo to the freshness previously perceived.

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