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Très Vieux Fins Bois Cognac Remi Landier


Cognac Remi Landier Tres Vieux Fins Bois : from the family reserve was distilled by Rémi Landier over 40 years ago...



Cognac Remi Landier Tres Vieux Fins Bois

Coming from the family reserve, this cognac was distilled more than 40 years ago in a small traditionnal copper charentais pot still.
 It’s on the family vineyard on the slopes of Cors that the Ugni blanc grapes were picked up, vinified and distilled.
The 1971 vintage, which gave very few amount of grapes, made it an exceptionnal and very rare vintage ; it would have been diffficult to guess before distillation that it werre going to reveal an amazing result.

Tasting notes
Nose : incredibly precise and complex, it reveals mango and saffron notes, nectarine, sage, grapefruit and nutmeg, then a flowery bouquet (rose, violet) and finally rare spices.
Mouth : velvety, it balances between summer (apricot, melon) and exotic (papaye, guava) fruits, topped with spices as well.
Ending : very longlasting and amazingly fresh, fruity and spicy.

Data sheet

Rémi Landier
40 °
70 Cl
Fins Bois