Remi Landier

The origin of Rémi Landier dates back to the late 19th century, when Julien Girard (Remi Landier’s grandfather) stood at Cors, a hamlet in the Fins Bois region, and planted in 1890 his first vines. The site was then already renowned for the quality of its eaux-de-vie.

Realizing the uniqueness of their terroir and the eaux-de-vie it produces, Remi Landier and his sons created in 1973 their eponymous brand of cognac. As distillers for some of Cognac’s largest trading houses, they only produce a small quantity under their own label. For this reason, Remi Landier has long been in the heart of cognac experts.

Today, Jean-Yves Landier and his daughter Geraldine, fourth and fifth generation of producers, offer a full range of cognacs: VS to XO as well as rare and limited editions. Their Pineaux des Charentes also benefits from an excellent reputation.

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