Remi Landier

Located in the Fins Bois area for several generations!

Cognac Rémi Landier

The origin of Rémi Landier cognac goes back to the end of the 19th century, when Julien Girard (Rémi Landier's grandfather) settled in Cors in the Fins Bois and planted his first vines there in 1890. The site was then already well known for the quality of its brandies.

Aware of the uniqueness of their terroir and their eaux-de-vie, Rémi Landier and his sons created their eponymous brand of cognac in 1973. As distillers for the major trading houses and producing only small quantities of bottles under their label, Rémi Landier has long remained the prerogative of connoisseurs.

Today, Jean-Yves Landier and his daughter Géraldine, the fourth and fifth generations, offer a complete range of cognacs: from VS to XO as well as rare and limited editions. They also offer an excellent production of Pineau des Charentes.

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