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Experience 01 limited release Cognac Tesseron
  • Experience 01 limited release Cognac Tesseron
  • Experience 01 limited release Cognac Tesseron
  • Experience 01 limited release Cognac Tesseron
  • Experience 01 limited release Cognac Tesseron

Experience 01 limited release Cognac Tesseron

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Experience 01 limited release Cognac Tesseron, only 1000 engraved and numbered decanters !

"To lovers of Tesseron Cognac, to collectors, and to the most curious among you, I'm delighted to present Experience 01, made from our finest eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne. Experience 01 is the ultimate expression of the rare. To taste it is the secret soul of time. Presented in a brand new gift box, this new creation of great prestige embodies the loyalty of the House of Tesseron to its rich history, its quest for excellence and its pioneering spirit. Our obsession is to make people dream."

Alfred Tesseron



Experience 01 is the poetic emanation of the House of Tesseron.

A compendium of history, expertise and flavours. The years here exquisite gift of the past that has sublimated these eaux-de-vie blended into a single batch, all from the family's finest Grande Champagne reserves.

For more than three generations, in the complicit darkness of the crypt of the 12th century, these eaux-de-vie have aged, lovingly blending with that of two French Limousin oak casks.

Tasting this elixir is like going back in time : Abel and Guy Tesseron, heads and hearts at the helm, and all the officiants who have worked towards future ecstasy.

The great bottle is but a long patience to invent the rare.

The eye adds to the pleasure : you have to caress the sleek, transparent bottle that magnifies the deep amber of the venerable nectar. Something sunny, even radiant, in the sumptuous topaz hue, bringing to life the colours of a summer that just won't go away. Secret agreements between spirit and matter.

On the nose, it reveals a rich, fruity aroma balanced by great finesse, punctuated by notes of candied fruit and mocha, and sublimated by a pronounced rancio, characteristic of long decades of ageing in oak barrels.

On the palate, a smooth, mellow, unctuous structure; flavours that are and warm flavours. A beverage of connivance with a long with spicy touches here and there.

A tasting experience that demonstrates the singular place of the Tesseron family in the great history of Cognac.
The sesame of a secret society, a shard of the Grall, a piece of the Sixtine Chapel or Cézanne's palette.

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40 °
70 Cl
Grande Champagne